You have a wellness program that checks the “biometrics box.” Are you taking the next step to helping your employees experience good health? Biometric scores are only the beginning!

75% of adults are not up to date on their immunizations and preventive screens and 36% of adults do not have a primary care physician. Most adults only see a doctor when they are already sick. Left undiagnosed or undertreated, chronic conditions can lead to serious health issues. These health issues cost employers more than a half a trillion dollars per year! How do you introduce primary and preventive healthcare to your employees? How do you help your sicker employees manage their chronic conditions? How can you save some of those healthcare dollars?

At Sensia, we help your business answer these questions and do more than “check the biometrics box.” We provide primary care and wellness services for your employees where they work. Imagine the benefits for your business and your employees having access to a healthcare provider, free of charge to your employees. At Sensia, we don’t just provide wellness—we provide healthcare!

Go beyond checking the “biometric box.” Offer more than wellness!  Start your employees on the path to good health!

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