Health Risk Assessments | Biometric Screening

The Sensia Health Risk Assessment (HRA) was designed by collaborating physicians to ensure the most important information is being tested, developing an accurate picture of your company’s health and specific health risks. From there, your organization can begin to develop an efficient and effective corporate healthcare strategy.

employee health risk assessment

Sensia conducts all associated HRA project management to make sure your organization’s HRA program is successful.

The online Sensia HRA Questionnaire is medically designed to be the most comprehensive questionnaire on the market. The Sensia HRA Questionnaire is 25 nested-logic multiple-choice questions and takes five to ten minutes to complete.

Sensia’s staff will conduct biometric measurements and a fingerstick or venipuncture blood draw on site at your organization. For remote employees, Sensia has an established relationship with a national laboratory to conduct any requested testing. The test panel is fully-customizable to meet your organization’s needs.


Once the health risk assessments results have been processed, Sensia Health Coaches will come on site or connect with employees telephonically for one-on-one confidential discussions regarding their Sensia HRA Summary Report Card. The Health Coaches provide realizable suggestions to improve each employee’s results.

After completion of the health risk assessments, Sensia will facilitate a discussion with company leadership to present and review your Company Aggregate HRA information. Additional programming strategies are presented and discussed during the review meeting. Sensia will also provide an Executive Summary Document which summarizes the company-wide results and provides an achievable path forward.

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