wellness portal

Licensing Sensia Software

Would you like to own your own corporate wellness business? Would you like to supplement your medical practice? Increase your service portfolio and augment your business with the Sensia Portal software. The software is an online, customizable healthcare resource where your clients can:

  • Complete an HRA questionnaire, schedule an HRA appointment and review HRA results
  • Participate in a Wellness Incentive Program
  • Review health coaching notes and on-site clinic appointments
  • Communicate with you and your health professionals
  • Log exercise and nutrition information

Administrators have the added capability to:

  • Review company aggregate HRA information
  • View utilization and billing reports

The Sensia Portal software can be white-labeled and licensed to other health/wellness providers and primary care physicians.

Engage with your clients and promote health and wellness services. This is a cost-effective, easy way to expand and improve your practice or business while allowing you to start helping people again!

Learn how you can increase your service portfolio and expand your business! Download our brochure today!