On-Site Medical Clinics

The lack of accessible primary care is the largest healthcare problem facing American business today, resulting in high corporate healthcare costs. Unfortunately, 48% of the American working population has not seen a primary care physician within the past two years. Despite your organization paying for health insurance, many of your employees are not going to the doctor!

Sensia’s On-Site Medical Clinics operate either part- or full-time at your company facility. Our clinical staff is fully licensed to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for acute, chronic, and primary care conditions. Sensia’s independent status means our staff is on-site to treat your employees, NOT direct them to an affiliated hospital system.

Onsite Medical Clinics

Sensia on-site medical clinics are heavily utilized. Average Sensia clinic utilization numbers reveal that 7/10 of your employees will visit the clinic and the average employee will visit the clinic 3.5 times.

A Sensia on-site clinic promotes tangible return on investment. Employers view on-site medical clinics as contributing the most significant impact toward reducing their organization’s healthcare expenses in comparison to all other interventions. Sensia’s on-site medical clinics conservatively afford our clients a savings of $200 per clinical visit.


Onsite Medical Clinics