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Why Sensia?

At Sensia, we provide primary care, wellness, and Occupational Medicine services to your employees while at work. Imagine the benefits to your business by having employee access to healthcare without leaving the worksite.

Sensia actively pursues partnerships with healthcare brokers and consultants to help your clients control their healthcare costs while improving the health, safety and productivity of their workforce. By integrating Sensia’s suite of services into your broader benefits strategy, your clients can provide superior medical care at a measurably lower cost to their employees.

For Employers

Let's work together to provide your employees with comprehensive healthcare solutions

For Brokers

Integrate Sensia into your benefits strategy to provide your clients with superior medical care at a lower cost

Medical Providers

Let Sensia show you how to own your private healthcare practice

The Sensia Wellness Portal

The Sensia Wellness Portal is a fully customizable online healthcare resource where employees can:

- Complete the Sensia HRA Questionnaire, schedule an HRA appointment, and review HRA results.
- Participate in the Wellness Incentive Program
- Review encounter notes from their health coaching and on-site clinic appointments.
- Communicate directly with Sensia professionals.
- Log exercise and nutrition information.

Company administrators have the added capability to review Company Aggregate HRA information and view utilization and billing reports.

Contact us for more information about licensing the Wellness Portal technology!

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